Friday, January 23, 2009

Continuity error

Unfortunately, we've been having a few issues lately with our internet access, meaning that I've been unable to update from work. This post is brought to you from our Emergency Operations Centre, which still has a workable connection to the world wide web.

The Ministry of Health, on the other hand, is still without internet after being hit by a rather nasty worm - the computers that is, not the staff... They shut down their systems when they realised they were infected, and are quarrantining themselves from the web until they are sure that the infection has been cleared up, and that they won't be reinfected. Quite a bit of their work is web-based and, up until the end of last week, they couldn't even order stationery.

A definite test of the ministry's business continuity planning.

Another test for those in Wellington was a power cut on Wednesday morning, affecting the southern suburbs, much of central Wellington and as far north as Johnsonville and Khandallah, from 7.42am. Traffic lights were out and trolley buses stranded, causing traffic snarl-ups all over. Some people were trapped in lifts, and others had to use the light of their cellphones to find their way down darkened stairwells, and according to some, the thing which caused general panic was the fact that many of the coffee shops couldn't operate! The ones that did have power had very long queues. The power cut also took out the city's internet, which took longer than the power to come back on line. It even affected us in Porirua, as so much of our internet traffic goes through Wellington.

So the combination of general lack of power until about 9am , the resulting loss of internet for longer, and the under-caffeination of Wellington's office workers meant that a lot of businesses had a very unproductive day.


Gavin Treadgold said...

I've found that when we've lost the Internet connection at the office, that it is a great time to catch up on filing - particularly reviewing and chucking stuff in the trash!

You have had a bad run of power outages up there in recent times though. When the power goes out, I'll often use the laptop and make an effort to write replies to email until such time as power and Internet comes back. This is one of the reasons we chose laptops for our computers in Kestrel - you're usually good for an additional 2-4 hours work on the laptop even if you do lose power.

Cheers Gavin

Porirua EMO said...

It's definitely a good chance to go through the pile of paper that has built up in the in-tray.

I found the surface of my desk agaon!