Thursday, November 19, 2009

More quakes - didn't feel a thing

Woke up to the news on the radio that there had been an earthquake in the central North Island. Hadn't felt a thing, neither had my cat who woke up at the same time I did. Then my phone went bingley-beep to give me the information - 7:04am, 5.1, 10km south of Palmerston North, at a depth of 40 km - sounds like it would be a doozie, but I'd slept right through it.

It was followed up by a 4.3 aftershock an hour later at 8:05am, roughly the same location and depth - I didn't feel that one either (not because I was asleep).

If you did feel the quakes, don't forget to fill in a Felt Earthquake report.

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