Friday, January 8, 2010

Hullo, MetService?

Over the holidays my phone kept beeping constantly with weather warnings for Wellington, for both wind and rain. Never did get around to reposting them here, sorry. But nothing much exciting happened here, though further up the coast had to close a bridge due to flooding.

It was windy, sure, but nothing that excessive. And then yesterday... power lines down, roofs (or should that be rooves, like dwarves?) lifting all over the Wellington area (well, Newtown & Tawa at least), the rollerdoor at the Tawa Rural Fire station was blown in, and not a peep of warning from the MetService. Harrumph.

And now, just when you thought you might get a nice weekend, MetService has issued a Severe Weather Watch for northwest gales for Wellington on Sunday, and there's a possibility of heavy rain for the Tararuas too. Despite missing the last event, I'm still generally inclined to believe them.

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