Monday, August 16, 2010

We got off lightly

Porirua didn't fare too badly on Friday night, just some surface flooding that I'm aware of - certainly nothing compared to Whakatane and the Bay of Plenty - flooding managed to punch a hole in a stopbank, forcing people from their homes.

On Wednedsay, while a good chunk of the emergency managers from around the country were at the Australasian Hazards Management Conference at Te Papa, there was apparently an earthquake measuring 3.1 centred 10km northwest of Wellington - and I don't think a single one of us felt it.

Mind you, if it were a big one, Te Papa is a pretty good place to be, with its fancy rubber foundation thingies (technical term...) - just have to head up a floor or so to stay out of the way of any tsunami sloshing round the harbour.

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