Thursday, September 16, 2010

Severe gales & significant wave heights around Porirua shores

Residents living in coastal areas of Porirua should be aware that there is a large storm affecting the seas of the western coast (not the interior harbour). Wave heights this weekend may reach between 6 and 8 metres at sea, with significant if not similar wave heights on land around Pukerua Bay and Centennial Highway.

High tide times can be found in the table below.

Thursday 16 Sept03:24 1.3m09:22 0.6m16:01 0.7m22:13 0.7m
Friday 17 Sept04:39 1.3m10:37 0.7m17:23 1.3m23:30 0.7m
Saturday 18 Sept05:36 1.3m11:53 0.7m
Sunday 19 Sept00:34 0.6m07:00 1.3m12:54 0.6m19:24 1.4m

If you are concerned, or think that you may be in danger, you should ring 111 and ask for Police, who will coordinate the first response.

Northwesterly winds are expected to rise to gale overnight Thursday with severe gale gusts for a time during Friday. In the period 12 hour period from 6am to 6pm Friday, northwesterly gusts of 120 km/h are likely in exposed places.

Winds of this strength have the potential to lift roofs, topple trees and powerlines and make driving conditions hazardous.

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