Monday, January 17, 2011

Going troppo

It's been pretty windy lately, with the winds fanning the flames at several large scrub fires around the region.

And the weather is about to take another turn for the worse with the expected impact of the remains of Tropical Cyclone Vania, and Tropical Cyclone Zelia. They won't officially be cyclones by the time they get to us, but they are forecast to bring very humid conditions and a period of heavy rain and north to northwest gales over northern and central New Zealand from mid/late Tuesday morning until Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Here we can expect 70-100mm of rain in the 18 hours from 10am on Tuesday, and 150mm up in the Tararuas.

It should reduce the fire danger a bit, but you have to worry about rapidly rising rivers & streams, and surface flooding instead.

And the wind may be gusting to 120km/h, so make sure you secure loose objects around your home (rubbish bins, trampolines etc), and take care while driving tomorrow night.

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John Macilree said...

For a look at a graphic of cyclone Zelia's forecast progress see the joint Typhoon Warning Center's map at: