Sunday, May 15, 2011

Severe weather

If you haven't just been woken up by that massive rumble of thunder, you may have already noticed that it's been raining a fair bit!

The Fire Service are currently run off their feet dealing with flooding incidents around the region, and there is quite a bit of surface flooding around Porirua, and we can probably expect more as this frontal system moves through over the next few hours.

Hopefully things shouldn't get as bad as they did in the last big rainstorm in Porirua, the tide is going out so shouldn't be causing too many problems with the stormwater outlets, allowing it all to drain away.

If you are having problems with flooding on your property from overflowing stormwater etc, don't forget to call the council - 237-5089 - we can't try to fix what we don't know about - so give us a call, even if you rang us last time as well.

Also take care when driving out there - please don't drive or wade through floodwaters, the wake from your vehicle can cause problems, or it may be too deep and disable your car, and if you are on foot you may not be able to see that a manhole cover has popped and fall in.

Stormwater is often contaminated with sewage, so don't let your kids go playing in it either.

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