Monday, November 28, 2011

Thumbs up to Rangikura School

Oops, forgot to publish this last Monday!

The Emergency Management Office team spent last Friday (18 November) working with the Year 7 & 8(?) kids at Rangikura School.

They were divided into three groups, one for each part of the day, and then each of those groups was divided into three teams of about ten students each. Each team went to a different area to learn about something new for half and hour before moving to the next area. The teams learned about:

  • Storing water for emergencies - how much you need, where you could find water, and how the 25,000L rainwater collection tank at their school works, and how to make the water safe for drinking.

  • Sanitation - how to make an emergency toilet, and keep clean and healthy during an emergency, and also a bit of basic first aid.

  • Making emergency shelters - given a large plastic tarp & some ropes, what kinds of shelters could you make? Floors, walls, sun shades, roof repairs, tents, privacy areas - they were quite creative!

The weather was great (if a little windy), then "nek minnit" a random hail storm came through to give the kids an idea of just how quickly the weather could turn. It certainly gave them a bit of urgency for getting their shelter up!

The kids were awesome, and apparently didn't stop talking about it for quite some time!

If you are interested in having the Emergency Management team come to talk to your school, please get in touch.

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