Monday, July 21, 2008


Ah, Wellington... Earthquake-free for four days less than one day.
There was one on Wednesday afternoon (4.1), and then another on Sunday morning (3.4), and I didn't feel any of them!

If you happen to feel an earthquake, or think you felt one, check out the seismograph readings of the quake drum for South Karori. It's the local one for our area. Little quakes show up quite frequently, as can be seen by this snapshot (click on it to enlarge). The lower blip is from a 4.1 quake centred near Wanganui at 7.29am this morning, and the other one from something more local (3.5, 10km east of Picton) at 2.23am. These little things barely rate a mention, except that they happen a lot. You can't say that we don't have earthquakes!

Snapshot of South Karori quake drum from 4.15pm 21 July 2008

Quake information courtesy of

Here's the statistics for the two recent earthquakes.

NZ Standard Time: Sunday, 20 July 2008 at 8:41 am
Latitude, Longitude: 41.39°S, 174.97°E
Location: 20 km south-east of Wellington
Focal depth: 30 km
Richter magnitude: 3.4

Web page:

Felt across the Wellington region

NZ Standard Time: Wednesday, 16 July 2008 at 1:42 pm
Latitude, Longitude: 40.94°S, 174.65°E
Location: 30 km north-west of Porirua
Focal depth: 70 km
Richter magnitude: 4.1

Web page:

Potentially felt in the lower North Island and the Marlborough region.

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