Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What are you going to do if you can't get home?

The weather is pretty nasty today, and stormy seas are washing waves and debris onto the road, making travel along State Highway 1 between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki quite dangerous. Police are recommending that motorists stay away from that section of Centennial Highway for a few hours until well after high tide. Stuff has an article on it here -

EDIT: 4:45pm And now they've closed SH1.

Many people who work in Porirua live up the coast. It'd be pretty darn annoying if you were planning on driving through there any time around now, but just think what it would be like if things were so bad that the road was washed out, or a slip fell and blocked both lanes! What would you do if you can't get home tonight?

Have you got somewhere you could stay? With friends or family, or on an office couch at work?

Is there someone to look after your kids? Is there a friend or neighbour, or other family member who can keep them fed and looked after until you get home? Make sure that you've informed the school if someone other than you is allowed to pick up the kids from school.

Take a few minutes to think about these things, and give your neighbour/friend a call to see if that's something they can do for you, if you ever can't get home. And don't forget to let your family know what the plan is too!

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