Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Matata going off again

Matata, in the Bay of Plenty, gets a lot of earthquakes - lots of little ones in swarms.
If I see a quake notification hit my inbox, and it's from the Bay of Plenty, I can pretty well guarantee it's from near Matata.

Here's a look at the latest reading from the nearest seismograph. Thanks to GeoNet.

Uruwera seismograph reading - 03/09/2008


Wild Land said...

Yes. It certainly looks like another swarm has fired up near Matata. A dozen events in just over 24 hours.

Even though the Bay of Plenty is prone to swarms, the locals find them stressful and are glad when they've run their course.

Porirua EMO said...

I guess it could either be letting off pressure preventing a big quake, or loosening up enough to let something big happen - which is far less comforting!