Monday, September 1, 2008

More Kawakawa Bay properties at risk from landslip

A large landslip in Kawakawa Bay, in the Manukau District, near Auckland, has caused 6 properties to be declared to be unsafe, forcing the residents to move out. The road is also closed, and could stay that way for up to a month. Because of the inconvenience to residents, the council will put on a free ferry between Kawakawa Bay and Pine Harbour marina, as well as a limited bus service to Papakura and Thames. Other contingency plans are also being put in place. Students who normally go to school in Clevedon will use a room at Orere School and be taught by their usual teacher. Work is also being done to make sure electricity and phones won’t be cut off if a landslip happens. The council is also looking at temporary alternative routes around the landslip. - a map so you have some idea of where it is.

Imagine not being able to drive down the road for a month, and having to catch a ferry to get out of town. That's what it could be like for us, if a big quake took out the main roads in. Even though we're a good sized city, it's pretty easy for us to be cut off.

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