Friday, October 16, 2009

Bit soggy

Surprising amount of rain overnight & this morning. The Porirua Stream is well up, and Grays Road ended up closed for a brief while due to flooding, and there was surface flooding & some manholes lifting around the city. Fortunately the rain has eased for now, though there's still a weather watch for more showers today and possibly heavy rain tomorrow - since the ground is already soggy from this morning's rain, surface flooding & slips are more likely.


William de Wyke said...

The hill out the back of our house that slipped a year or so ago in similar rain slipped again and is now resting up against our neighbour's house, having rather deformed his garden shed on the way through. Thankfully the retaining wall that got installed in our garden seems to have done it's job nicely.

Porirua EMO said...

That's a bit of a worry!