Thursday, October 8, 2009

Latest Vanuatu quake no threat to NZ

I'm really rather paranoid about checking my phone every time it beeps at the moment. Sometimes it's the flatmate asking if I'll be home for dinner, and other times I see the dreaded first line of "National Advisory..."

Fortunately this evening it was followed by "CDEM event - no threat to NZ"

Here's the media release:
There is no tsunami risk to New Zealand from the 7.0 earthquake that occurred near the Vanuatu Islands today at 21:29HRS.
The Director of Civil Defence & Emergency Management, John Hamilton, said that the Ministry has received information about the earthquake from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC) in Hawaii and GNS Science in New Zealand.

An assessment of the information by New Zealand tsunami experts confirms there is no tsunami risk to New Zealand.

And now I shall go to sleep, no doubt to dream of my cellphone constantly beeping to warn of impending doom...

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