Monday, February 15, 2010

Shaken awake

So, who felt that doozy of an earthquake in the early hours of Saturday morning?

Information courtesy of GNS.

Universal Time: 2010/02/12 13:41:35
Local time (NZDT): 02:41 AM on Saturday 13 February 2010
Latitude, Longitude: 40.91S, 174.94E
NZ Map Grid (E, N): 2674000, 6031000
NZ Trans Merc (E, N): 1764000, 5470000
Location: Within 5 km of Paraparaumu
Focal depth: 60
Magnitude: 5.0

Felt like something had given the bed a good shove. And as further proof that animals are no good at predicting earthquakes, my cat slept through it.

Don't forget to fill in a felt quake report, if it woke you up.

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