Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Drive safely!

Looking at the weather radar, there's a big patch of quite heavy downpour kind of rain heading our way, just in time for the commute home.

Please take extra care on the roads, adjust your speed and following distances for the conditions, get your wipers going full speed, and make sure your headlights are on. Expect other drivers to do unexpected things, but make sure you are nice and predictable, and use your indicators early. I'm not exactly sure what happens to people's brains when they go driving in the rain, but my observations tell me it's not good!

We don't want to give the fire, police & ambulance services any more work than they need - especially in the rain - that would just be terribly inconsiderate! So for their sakes, and yours, drive safely.

And if you encounter problems with surface flooding or blocked drains, or slips closing roads and such like, contact the council (24hr ph 04-237-5089). We can't fix it, if we don't know about it!

EDIT: And it all passed by off our coast, making me look like a wally...

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