Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Exercise Tangaroa

Good morning, and welcome to Exercise Tangaroa. With Tangaroa being god of the sea, this national exercise is all about tsunami!

A few minutes ago, my phone woke me up with the first of the exercise injects - a Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre bulletin stating that there had been a magnitude 8.6 quake near the coast of Peru, and that a Warning was in place for Peru & Chile, and a Watch was in place for Ecuador.

This kind of warning only gets forwarded to my phone if it mentions NZ, so I pretended to go back to sleep, as I wouldn't have received anything yet.

Our National Warning System is set to send out notice if an earthquake of a certain minimum size happens within the areas which may create tsunamis for us. And that's just happened, and now my phone has just gone off with the first National Warning System message, so on with the exercise!

The following blog posts for today will be for Exercise Tangaroa, and should have "FOR EXERCISE ONLY" or EXERCISE TANGAROA in the subject line. Please be forgiving if someone forgets today, as it won't be just me making entries, it will shift to our Public Information Manager. If it's actually for a real emergency, the words "NO DUFF" will be used.

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