Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get Ready Week 2010 - Tsunami special

October 10-16 is Get Ready Week.

It used to be called Disaster Awareness Week, but it's important to not just be aware of diasters, you actually have to do something about preparing for them! Get Ready to help you Get Thru.

The Wellington region's theme for this year's Get Ready Week is tsunami - it was timely after the Chilean tsunami, and the national Exercise Tangaroa next week on October 20th is also based on a distant-source tsunami - these were all planned out well before the quake in Canterbury - I guess earthquake will be the theme again next year?

If you get the Kapi-Mana News in Porirua & Tawa, you'll receive a copy of "It's Easy - Know your tsunami zone" (or you can download the 737kb pdf by clicking on the link) in with the paper today.

Have a look at where you live, work, play & holiday in the region. If you'd like more detail, contact the city council for the area you are interested in. Porirua's tsunami evacuation zone maps can be found here - http://www.pcc.govt.nz/A-Z-Services/Emergency-Management/Tsunami-Evacuation-Zones

There will be ads on the TV & radio during the week, keep your eyes & ears peeled for them.

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