Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Use your headlights in the rain!

The Porirua Police would like to remind you to use your headlights if out driving in the current weather conditions. Sounds obvious really, but the fact that that they've felt the need to make a news release about it, tells me it isn't happening out there today.

I have a rule that if I've turned on my windscreen wipers so I can see better, turning on my headlights will help people see me better.

And high visibility is definitely what is needed in this weather. The MetService has issued yet another Severe thunderstorm watch for much of the west coast of the lower North Island.

A front is expected to move from Farewell Spit to the outer Marlborough Sounds to the Kapiti Coast and then around the coast to south Taranaki this morning and afternoon.

There is a risk that one or two of the thunderstorms on and ahead of this front have the potential to become SEVERE and produce wind gusts over 110km/hr, one or two small tornadoes, bursts of heavy rain and small hail. This threat clears from the south through the afternoon.

Wind gusts of this strength can cause some structural damage, including trees and power lines, and may make driving hazardous. If any tornados occur, they will affect only very localised areas.

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