Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Helplines, donations, blood donations, Red Cross enquiries

Government help line:
Call the Ministry of Social Development's Government help line 0800 779 997 for information about all government services and support.

Donations - please give cash not goods
People wanting to contribute to the response are encouraged to contribute financially ONLY. (No donations of goods or services at this time please).

Cash donations to:
Red Cross:
Salvation Army: 0800 53 00 00 (Specify that your donation is for the ‘Canterbury Earthquake Appeal’)
Any ANZ Bank branch: Account number 01-1839-0188939-00
Any National Bank branch: Account number 06-0869-0548507-00
Any Westpac Bank branch: Account number 03-0207-0617331-00
Any ASB Bank branch: Account number 12-3205-0146808-00
Any BNZ Bank branch: Account number 02-0500-0982004-000
Any Kiwibank branch: Account number: 38-9009-0759479-00

In addition, a Mayoral Fund has been set up to accept donations to Chritstchurch citizens at the following BNZ bank account: 02-0800-084958-000

Blood Donations
NZ Blood has announced that the Christchurch Blood Donor Centre will be closed until further notice. They have good supplies of blood in Christchurch and have supplies they can bring in from other centres. At this stage blood stock are fine, but if the situation changesthey will inform people via their website ( or via Facebook.

Red Cross Person Enquiry Line now activated
The New Zealand Red Cross Person Enquiry Line is now activated.

People in New Zealand concerned about the wellbeing of friends and relatives in Christchurch should call 0800 REDCROSS (0800 733 276).

If you are unable to contact a friend or relative in the Christchurch area, call the Red Cross Person Enquiry Line. Red Cross will be able to tell you if they have registered with Civil Defence. People are encouraged to do this before reporting friends and relatives missing.

People enquiring from outside New Zealand should call +64 7 850 2199

You can also email the Red Cross on

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