Monday, February 28, 2011

How Porirua is helping

Porirua really is amazing. The sheer numbers of people offering to help in any way they possibly can really does give me a huge warm fuzzy feeling of pride for this city.

Immediately after news of the earthquake we had staff helping in the National Crisis Management Centre under the Beehive, including through the night, we also had staff helping coordinate the Wellington regional response from a base at the Wellington Emergency Management Office.

We've deployed a team of building inspectors to Christchurch as well as a team of our waterworks & drainage people.

Our Red Cross team has been helping at Wellington airport, helping the tourists caught in Christchurch to get home or just somewhere else, and a team of 8 of them are waiting on standby to head down to Christchurch.

And we've also had people helping out at the welfare centres in Wellington.

Go team!

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