Monday, March 28, 2011

It got really wet!

It got a bit more than just wet! There were streets flooded all over town, over a metre deep in places. And the library & Pataka are going to be closed for several days as the carpets need to dry out - they had two inches of water through them, and the staff were all hard at work with wet vacs trying to suck up all the water before it started affecting the books. One of the things we saw a lot of yesterday was kids playing in the floodwater - This really isn't recommended as it's almost guaranteed to contaminated with sewage, and you wouldn't let your kids play in a septic tank would you?? There were also a report of a child falling down an open manhole where the cover had been blown off by the pressure of the water - fortunately someone was there to pull them out, but since it was completely underwater things could have gone badly wrong. Another complaint from people living near flooded intersections - don't drive through the floodwater! The waves created by vehicles passing through were washing into properties.

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