Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some stats from Sunday

Peter Kreft at the MetService has kindly provided us with some statistics from Sunday's heavy rain event. In the hour from 11am to noon, the weather station on Mana Island recorded a whopping 39.2mm of rain, with a maximum rate in the middle of the worst downpours of 2.4mm per minute - no wonder there was flooding! The water was falling out of the sky faster than it could run off!

There is some stormwater system upgrades included in the draft annual plan - so don't forget to have your say on whether there needs to be more done or not.

And also, if you are ever having problems with stormwater flooding on your property, please call the council - 04-237-5089 (24hrs) It's one of our performance measures to respond to the problem within an hour of notification, but we have to be told there's a problem first, and we can't read minds!

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