Friday, March 11, 2011

Update 2 - National Advisory: Tsunami Potential Threat to New Zealand

National Advisory: Tsunami Potential Threat to New Zealand
No: 02
Issued at 20:43 hours on 11/03/11.

Issued by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM).

A tsunami potential threat advisory is still in effect for New Zealand:

The tsunami advisory will remain in effect until it is upgraded to a national warning or a cancellation message is issued by MCDEM.

An earthquake has occurred with these parameters:
Origin time: 0545Z 11 March 2011
NZ time: 1846 NZDT 11 March 2011
Co-ordinates: 38.0 North 142.9 East
Depth: 10km
Location: Near East Coast of Honshu, Japan
Magnitude: 8.8

The above magnitude is provisional and may be increased or decreased as more seismic data becomes available.

Summary:The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre (PTWC) has issued a Tsunami Warning for New Zealand in response to the above earthquake. However, New Zealand, for the moment will remain under a potential threat advisory.

Only messages issued by MCDEM represent the official warning status for New Zealand. Local civil defence authorities may supplement these messages by applying a local threat assessment.Confirmation has not yet been received that a tsunami was generated. A tsunami is possible.

If a damaging tsunami for New Zealand has been generated, the first wave may arrive in New Zealand in the areas around North Cape at 0614NZDT 12 March 2011. The first wave may arrive later and may not be the largest. Waves may continue for several hours.

People in coastal areas should:
1. Stay off beaches
2. Stay out of the water (sea, rivers and estuaries, including boating activities)
3. Do not go sightseeing
4. Share this information with family, neighbours and friends
5. Listen to the radio and/or TV for updates
6. Follow instructions of your local Civil Defence authorities.

MCDEM and scientific advisors are closely monitoring the situation to determine whether a tsunami has been generated and to assess the severity of the threat to New Zealand. More information about this event will follow.

This advisory has been issued to all local civil defence authorities, emergency services, other agencies and media.

Useful websites:

Further information:
A further update with more information will follow within the next hour. Until a cancellation is issued updates will continue at least hourly.

Issued by: Message authorised by the National Controller, Civil Defence Emergency Management.

End of Message

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