Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It’s easy to make a household emergency plan

Latest media release from the Wellington Region...

Recent tragic events in Christchurch should reinforce to all of us the benefits in having a household emergency plan, Wellington Region Civil Defence Emergency Management Chairperson Jenny Rowan said today.

“An effective household emergency plan only takes a few minutes to prepare and can take a lot of stress out of the period that follows a natural disaster or major household emergency,” Jenny Rowan said.

“It’s important that families or flatmates prepare these plans together so that everybody knows what to do and where things like survival items are located.

“The Wellington Region CDEM Group has prepared an award winning 12 step guide booklet called It’s Easy. Copies of these are available for free at all city, district and regional council offices throughout the region and can be downloaded online at

“Households should also regularly add emergency items to weekly shopping lists and make sure they have enough water stored to last three days. That helps spread the cost of these across the year and also ensures that items with an expiry date are regularly replaced.

“Being well prepared for an emergency is easy. All that’s needed is a commitment to making a plan,” Jenny Rowan said.

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